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Black Sky

THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY | TTS, Arts & Culture Research Lab Observatorium would like to thank the Board & Team of Advisors for bringing their passion, intellect, insight, and resources towards the mission of the organisation. Their experience, skills, and knowledge move TTS  forward. 

THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY | TTS, Arts & Culture Research Lab Observatorium takes from the work of Deleuze, particularly pursuing a creative method of ‘virtual pragmatics’ and ‘topological thinking’ - TTS is oriented to discovering the means to sculpt the virtual space of societies, systems, and ecosystems. That is, the telos - the innate coordinating forces or ‘phase space’ of a distributed and layered dynamical systems. Transdisciplinary at its core, TTS embraces the notion of metamodernism, as expressed by David Foster Wallace.

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