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THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY | TTS, Arts & Culture Research Lab Observatorium would like to thank the Board & Team of Advisors for bringing their passion, intellect, insight, and resources towards the mission of the organisation. Their experience, skills, and knowledge move TTS  forward. All undertaken posts are on a voluntary basis and will be renewed every September. In addition TTS wishes to acknowledge the Ambassador's impactful loyalty,  leadership and guidance as an invaluable agent to THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY.  Our goal is to form collaborations and be active in the Balkans,  the rest of Europe, the wider region of the Mediterranean, and MENA. Our goal is to empower and reinvent established creative agency by gaining the confidence to fulfil TTS' mission and goals. By standing in the middle of that crossroad, we support dream-carriers who dare to pave their own path.  We are of service to inquiries that challenge the status quo.   


THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY Board of Advisors

Georgia Kotretsos

Founder | Régisseur

Venetia Kapernekas

TTS Ambassador | BoA

Panayiotis Kalivites

TTS Financial Advisor | BoA

Pieter van Ysseldijk

TTS Legal  & AI Advisor | BoA

THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY Team of Advisors

Peter Machen

TTS Content & Media Advisor

Mehul Sangham

TTS Strategy Advisor

Alexandros Politis

TTS Ecosystem Advisor

Dimitrios Spyrou

TTS Arts Field Advisor

Carolina Trigo

TTS Publications Advisor


Ana Nefeli Brandhorst Kapernekas