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Peri Physeōs

A collaborative project between




THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY and peri-Tēchnes presents the results of the collaborative open call entitled Peri Physeōs. We are pleased to share with you the work of Pato Hebert, Elena Stavraki and Natalia Manta, and Caspar de Gelmini.

Physis as the encompassing notion of nature spanning from its pre-Socratic sense as νόμος, nomos, in Homeric Greek, as discussed among Stoics, in the Ionian School, by Plato in book 10 of Laws as well as by Aristotle.  He who has claimed that the physis is dependent on techne. This call is an invitation to approach the subject at hand through the routes of philosophy, mythology, and the pervasively nearly-exhausted notion of anthropocene. What we are asking, is if we can reframe the cultural, economic and environmental crises that we face today within the ancient concepts of physis and tēchne, and most importantly phronesis. Phronesis, the wisdom. This is especially true as it pertains to our understanding of what nature is and what technologies create in relation to this.


We thank all artists for submitting their work.


THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY extended an invitation to artists Filippos Tsitsipoulos and George Drivas to contribute to Peri Physeōs 

1_PatoHebert_Oscillator in Tualatin Hill

Pato Hebert

In, If Not Always Of

KROR - Vitruvius Singing in the rain. 20

Elena Stavraki & Natalia Manta

 An Inclusive Perception: Glimpses of Fusion  &  KROR - Vitruvius Singing in the rain


Caspar de Gelmini

Objects and Cell 1 and 3


Filippos Tsitsipoulos

After Lonely 

Way Home


George Drivas


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