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edited and published by  THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY 
November, 2020
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What is the findability of the art-object? In the production of art-objects the artist is in the simultaneous process of thinking-as-production and acting-in-thinking. Yet the object itself, the very result of the artistic endeavour, does not engender the direct perception of its meaning – it is veiled and obscured. It is this hermeneutic veil, a linguistic and coded interface that allows the unravelling of the mystery of the art-object

Perhaps, ‘the art’ can only be found in this veil that has been carefully constructed for the viewer – who is absent the moment of creation, yet as present as the material itself. In accordance with this the artist can only create in the absence of themselves, there is no artist, nor creation nor observer. What is left is a speculative field that we now need to redefine, find new language for and new perspectives of understanding. 

The ephemeral experience of the art-object is both transcendental and necessarily imminent to experience - yet we are happy to reduce this to mere understandable terms. In the moment, the art object creates a singular transhuman experience and event. How can we begin to understand the multiple and singular poetics of experience of this?

It is also the veil, under which the art-object is produced, in which its power to shift perception is anchored. Is the real ‘weight’ of the object, as Harman described in its trinary qualities; or as Baudrillard may offer, only in the system of objects? As we become more embedded within the hyperreal surfaces of a world teetering towards the precipice of ecological crisis, perhaps we must explore the potential for art-objects to affect or generate Morton’s hyperobjects.


In this context, objects break the liminal spaces of understanding and have the power to create ontological dissonance.

In this call for papers for the TTS forthcoming anthology of essays, we are asking you to explore the speculative space where art can happen. This is necessary in the juncture of both human and cultural history, as we continue to redefine and articulate the art-object in its hyperreal form.

Georgia Kotretsos, Artist | Professional Spectator | Founder of THE TELOS SOCIETY, Greece

Mehul Sangham, Team of Advisors, THE TELOS SOCIETY | Executive Director, Culture Hack Labs, South Africa/Canada/Costa Rica

Abdellah Karroum, Board of Advisors, THE TELOS SOCIETY | Founder of  L'appartement22, Morocco 

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