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The Day After... 

Dictionary of modern Greek artists (2020-2050)


by Elli Leventaki, Athens

Reflecting on all those years of artistic creation that took place in the Greek state, one must acknowledge the advances of the local art scene, aligning at last with the latest sociopolitical developments both in a national and international level. It is safe to say that after a full generation-long period, many artists, as well as a significant number of so called “underrepresented” groups that were previously marginalized by art histories, have finally managed to find their place in the official narrative. This is of particular importance in the case of Greece, a country that had always experienced difficulties when it came to the documentation and dissemination of its past in relation to its multifaceted identity.

Throughout the pages of this volume, I aimed at gathering and presenting the work of some of the most influential and celebrated contemporary artists in Greece, in an effort to map a creative period of approximately thirty years. That being said, I am more than happy to be able to announce that this dictionary contains more women visual artists than ever before, all of whom were not intentionally selected because of their gender, but in spite of it. Having read many art histories over the years myself, I aspired to write one that would be based on the principles of equality and equity, by fairly commemorating artistic production without gender- biased criteria. Reaching such an objective was as challenging as rewarding for me, both as an art professional and an individual, who wished to constructively contribute in counterbalancing the gender gap in the local art field.

I would like to close by stating that I hope for this book to become just one, among many others, to contribute in the consolidation of women’s position in society, while helping future art historians to further expand this substantial research topic.

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