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The Day After... 



by Anna Leon, Vienna

The linoleum floor squeaks under the weight of the extraction machine rolling towards the room, followed by the thumps of the two extractors’ steps – the body is impossible to handle on one’s own, said the nurse, more arms were needed. Stripes of light fall on the bed through the curtain slits. Untangling cables and tubes. “We go for a beer after the shift?” Alignment of speculums A-H, introduction in order in Ear (L), Ear (R), Nostril (L), Nostril (R), Mouth, Urethra, Vagina, Anus. “I have to go home, my woman is breaking my balls.” Insertion of tubes into opened entryways, injection of air. “Fuck her. Come, Josh is coming too.” Change of tubes. Extraction of unused oocytes. “Yeah ok let’s go, after we’re done with this one – she’s my fourteenth today.” Fluidification and extraction of collagen. The machine purrs and bubbles, sucking out the liquid. “Eight kilos. Not bad. This is going to get more than two hundred euros.” Extraction of muscular mass. The machine stops at seventy-five percent. “Shit, the container is full.” Container change. The one removed sits next to the bed, overflowing in meat. “I will never get used to this stench, I don’t know how they make cows eat it.” “As long as the burger doesn’t stink I don’t care.” “The other day I had one of those who drank syrup to make it smell better; I can tell you it doesn't work.” Extraction of minerals. “Is Josh still with that woman?” Aspiration of air, removal of tubes, removal of speculums. “Yeah I think so. What size box?” “Large, even though there’s not much left of her.” Containers sealed. “We have to pass by the dump to leave the box, apparently there’s family asking for it.” Squeaking of linoleum. Stripes of light on the stained sheets.

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