The Day After...
Part of “A library of volume-less volumes
Edited by Georgia Kotretsos and Carolina Trigo for

Books, or objects of ink and paper, are allegedly becoming obsolete. As non-readers, we lie atop mounds of myths, secrets and tales poised there as if to gather dust. The stories that the architects of words once crafted are now in the hands of archeologists. We are the subjects of archeologists, of omissions. The present is wedged in a layered sense of timing, as if it never existed; but archeology is this very second, swayed by the past and the future. TTS invited contributors to share the closing 300 words of a myth, tale or literary masterwork that never came to be. Part Peter Pan exercise, part make-believe, part confession, The Day After... pacts with the mischievous to develop a library built by omissions; of omissions that take form between the writer and the reader. An epilogue ruled by foresight—probing the limits of speculation and the “last word.” 

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